• Employee Data Management

    At the heart of Talbrum is employee database management. MIS and Dashboard for decision-making is available at any place, anytime (For non starters its as easy as opening website of Google from any available internet connection with comparable speed and accessibility). It gives control to employees to keep their important information safe and easily accessible. Features like addition of a new employee, searching of any employee, editing of an employee profile is made easy. Even if Talbrum is deployed in the middle of the year, all previous data like salary, leave records and salary processed can be uploaded with simple MS excel formats and in a similar fashion output can be given for integration with SAP or other ERP software.

  • Document Management

    The stakeholders as well as an individual employee get a complete hold of the uploaded and saved personal documents from Aadhar Card to educational qualifications, residential proof, passport, family details, reference check etc. on the go, it can be accessed whenever, wherever. Even on-boarding formalities, induction and training, exit formalities and other processes can be maintained with ease.

  • Communication Management

    Another highlight of Talbrum is reduction of multiple portals for various information. Clear, concise and real-time communication is made available from the website. Though it’s a one-way - employer to employee communication – but with a complete trail. It allows Upload and Storing of all non downloadable company policies, rule and regulations book, notice board and other communications centrally, which is easily accessible by employees. Information from Employee birthdays to open positions are all available on the dash board.

  • Attendance Management and Field Staff Route/Beat Plan tracker

    A multiple input integrated advanced In-time and Out-time Biometric, Android app and portal based attendance marking system is available to monitor, benchmark and analyze attendance as an input to payroll team. Entire leave and attendance process is automated with in-built best practices. An employee can mark In-time and Out-time, see annual/monthly status of leaves and attendances at a glance. MIS and dashboards on absenteeism and leave balances etc. can be accessed on a real time basis by respective stake holders. An advanced GPS based feature of tracking field employees in real time is possible on Android mobile. Stake holders can track team or individual field employee’s “Beat plan”, the time devoted for a meeting the distance covered during the day etc.

  • Android app

    The app allows Employee self service for marking attendance, leave transactions and applying for leaves and approval of leave by manager, display of last salary credited, non CTC reimbursement, employee directory and mail, call and message team members, tracker for field staff, holiday list, alerts for approval.

  • Recruitment Management

    To manage vacancies, interviews, offer letter generation and on boarding of the new joinee. It dynamically maps candidates’ competency and expertise. Decision makers get the holistic dashboard showing the stages as well as progress of each vacancy. A recruiter can manage resume repository, can download resumes from job sites directly in the resume database, do a quick search and find the matching candidates for relevant open positions. A recruiter can further manage interview schedules and manage time optimally. Talbrum allows to apply internally for Internal Job Posting or referring friends to employees. MIS for all related dimensions of recruitment are available.

  • Exit Management

    Single window exit: easy and hassle free. Complete work-flow for resignation, recovery of assets and alerts to stake holders, full & final settlement, issuance of relieving and experience letters in a user defined format are available. The analytics for exiting employees is made available to monitor and control exits.

  • Payroll Management

    This is integrated with attendance system, managing complete earning, deduction and statutory compliances configurable as per the local laws of any country leading to Tax calculation, benefits calculation, sales incentives, compliances and reports.

  • Talent Management

    Entire work-flow for performance management. It starts with SMART goal setting with customization to individual levels. Stake holders can drill down from the complete dashboard with Talent matrix, normalized performances, divisional results and finally to individual details. They can compare individual performance with peers for decision making - increment, incentive or promotion. It can help create and manage talent pool-for succession planning as well as a strong form of employee recognition.

  • Training Management

    From identifying organization wide training needs across the organization to drilling down to individual needs. It helps organize a training program with either internal or external trainers. It can help select the participants, communicate with them and assign programs. A complete feedback mechanism to optimize results and effectiveness outcomes. Individual employees get a complete dashboard of their training needs, training calendar, training history, feedbacks etc. on their fingertips.Training department can manage external or internal trainers, get the training material as feedback, control costs and improve training effectiveness with the data provided